Nursing in Glasgow Overview

For many prospective nurses, Glasgow can be an exciting place to start and have a career in the health industry. However, while the demand for nurses is high and the pay is decent, not every hospital is a great location to work at. Many factors can dictate whether a nurse will enjoy or suffer in her career. So consider some of these top hospitals.

Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

Perhaps the most rewarding profession for nurses is a Cancer center, where nurses can truly be the support for their patients. Cancer affects many people every day, and a cancer center like Beatson allows nurses to learn how to address one of the world’s most serious diseases while being able to connect with many of their patients as they try to recover. Additionally this center is great for nurses who wish to further their education, as Beatson will help setup external professional education courses.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Glasgow Royal Infirmary is part of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and is a great hospital that focuses strongly on career development, and is definitely a great facility for entry-level nurses. The campus will provide study placements and work hard to recruit you for special assignments. This infirmary is part of the largest hospital network throughout the entire United Kingdom, and puts a strong emphasis on collaborative efforts and research through all its member hospitals.

BMI Ross Hall Hospital

If you are looking for a private hospital, than BMI Ross Hall Hospital is a great place to work. The hospital is known for its excellent facilities and is the largest private hospital in Glasgow. While this hospital tends to mainly house experienced nurses, they are able to say that they have the best-experienced staff in the region and have many top name consultants practicing out of the hospital facility.

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