Newly Qualified Nurse Jobs in Scottland

Nursing is one of the world's most respected professions. Nurses help people in many ways when they are recovering from sickness. In any given day, a nurse may be called on to give medication, monitor the condition of a patient recovering from surgery and educate patients about the proper way to care for a wound so that it will close fully. Nurses may also be called on to assist doctors as they go on rounds and examine patients closely to help determine the best course of treatment.

Nursing Training

One of the most important aspects of any nursing career is the right training. In Scotland, as in other parts of the world, a nurse must undergo a period of training before she can take a job. The nurse will need to master basic coursework of all kinds and then illustrate to her regional nursing board that she has mastered such skills. She will be asked to take practical exams under the close supervision of a qualified nursing instructor and then show others that she can do tasks such as administer an intravenous line.

Jobs After Graduation

After completion of the training period and certification, nurses may seek employment. A nurse can be employed in one of many places such as a hospital, a private clinic or a research institute. The nurse can also expect to find employment in places that hire nurses temporarily to fill in for nurses who are ill. Newly qualified nurses may want to consider closely the field they like such as pediatrics in order to specialize in that field of health care. Many hospitals and other institutions are happy to have newly qualified nurses. However, a newly qualified nurse can expect that she will be closely supervised once she takes the job in order to make sure that she understands all aspects of it. Close supervision and mentoring can help her become a better nurse and qualify for other jobs.

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